Cafe Fleur New Website!


We’ve launched our shiney new website!

There’s been an awful lot going on at our cafe in Wandsworth (new interior work, selecting new craft beers and wine to launch our alcohol license), so we wanted to make sure we put a bit of love into our website as well. With a little help from our friends, we’ll be showcasing Cafe Fleur online with updates to the menu, details of special events, mouth watering photos and letting you know about new offerings, such as our craft beers and wines.

We hope you like it, and drop us a line if you have any suggestions of how we can make it better!

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  1. Chris S

    Great place for brunch. Second visit just as good as first. Chilli / Acocado toast and poached eggs.
    Relaxed , simple menu but good choice and really well done. Fun place, could be in Williamsburg apart from the accents.

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