Our Menu

With Oscar’s French routes and Lucy’s British beginnings, the Café Fleur menu is perfectly balanced with a French flare and home classic feel. We have some menu staples including the Fleur Bubble – a French take on Bubble and Squeak – and we continually update our menu because we know regular customers appreciate variety.

We have a new salad bar which we are very excited about. It’s healthy and delicious, offering unusual combinations.

And for those with a sweet tooth, we have a huge array of home baked goods. Cakes, cookies, Croissants. You name it, we’ve got it covered.

Here’s a sample of our menu:

Healthy Breakfasts

Eggs on toast Poached, scrambled or fried £5
With salmon £7.50   With maple cured bacon and spinach £8.5
With Salmon and crushed avocado £9.50

The Fleur Bubble £7.50
Our homemade bubble and squeak topped with free range poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of salad and roast vegetables. Choose from Ham smoked bacon or feta cheese Or with salmon + £2

Avocado, chili and whipped feta on toast £8.95
Granary toasted bloomer with crushed avocado, feta cheese and fresh chilli served with a side salad. Choose from crispy smoked bacon, pan friend chorizo or free range poached eggs

Fleur’s favourite Brunch 
Choose three from the following fillings: Sweet potato, homemade Kale pesto, spinach, sesame fried egg and cheese £7.50

Hearty Breakfasts

Full English Breakfast £7.50
Free range fried egg, sausage, beans, hash browns, mushrooms, smoked bacon, grilled tomato and toast
w/ either a pot of English breakfast Tea or an Americano

Vegi English £7.50
Free range scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, beans, vegi sausage, grilled tomato, homemade bubble, granary toast
w/ either a pot of English breakfast Tea or an Americano

Full Vegan breakfast £9.50
Free from – meat, gluten, wheat & dairy!
Roasted tomatoes, homemade sweet potato bubble , grilled mushrooms, spinach & crushed avocado.
w/ a pot of herbal tea or an Americano (Organic, obvs!)

Eggs Benedict £7.50
Two poached free-range eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce on our homemade brioche bun. Choose from Salmon, ham, bacon or spinach
Our hollandaise sauce is made in the traditional French was and served cold.

Fleur’s French toast £5.95
With maple syrup and crispy smoked bacon

Smaller Breakfast bits

Toast / croissant and preserve £2.50

Café Fleur’s Lunch

Vegetarian Lasagne £7.95  w/ our homemade focaccia break and a healthy side salad

Homemade Chicken Goujons £6.95
w/ sweet potato chips, roast veg and salad

Homemade fish pie £8.50

w/ homemade focaccia

Fleur’s Super Beef Burger £9.95
Homemade burger patty served in our brioche bun with Oscar’s BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and smoked bacon. w/ chips.

Vegi Burger £9.95 (v) (vg)
Homemade chic pea patty with Jamaican spices, harrisa, humous and salad in our brioche bun w/ sweet potato chips and salad


The Breakfast Brioche Bap £5.95
Egg, sausage and two rashers of smoked bacon in our brioche bun
Served with chips

Chicken and Avocado Toasted Cheese £6.50
Served in toasted bloomer bread with mature cheddar, spinach, roast chicken and homemade pesto mayo
w/ a healthy side salad

The BBC toastie £5.50
Smoked bacon, brie and cranberry sauce in toasted bloomer bread. w/ chips

Vegi Delight £6.50
Hummus, feta cheese, roasted vegetables, spinach leaves and balsamic glaze
w/ a pot of sweet potato chips


Sweet potato chips £3.50
Chunky chips £2.50

Kids Menu

Breakfast £3.95
Free range egg on toast
Bowl of organic porridge with honey
Sausage + beans on toast

Mini Full English £4.95
Sausage, beans, fried egg, hash brown and a mini OJ

Ham + cheese toastie with cucumber sticks £3.50
Homemade chicken goujons + peas (and chips!?) £4.50
Organic hummus, toast and vegi sticks

Sweet treats
Please see front counter, we often have mini cookies and child friendly treats

Bear Yoyo fruit sweets £1

Little Apple juice £1.20
Little freshly squeezed orange juice

Wine & Beers

Organic White

2014 Verdeji  Bodega Parra Jimenez – DO La Mancga, Valencia, Spain £4.50 / £18
2014 Sauvignon Blanc Domain La Colombette –
VDP Coteaux du Lbron, France £6.25 / £25 

Organic Red 

2010 Tempranillio Bodega Parra Jimenez – Valencia Spain £4.50 / £18
2010 Montepulciano Jasci Donatello –
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Itay £6.25 / £25 

Prosecco £6 / £24 


Wines may be subject to changes

Craft Beers

All £4.50
Pale Ale
Peckham Pills

The Wandle and Pale Ale are craft beers brewed in Sambrooks Brewery just down the road in Battersea!

Our Peckham pills is a Czech style Pilsner. The beer has a caramel boy and complex aroma from the german and Czech hops. Brewed in Pecham’s Brick Brewery