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Lucy quit her dull office job in the spring of 2013 to embark on the adventure that is Café Fleur. Her first employee was the wonderful Chef Oscar, who’s helped her build everything you see today.
Café Fleur is at the heart of the Wandsworth community, winning the very prestigious
Timeout Love London Award for best local café in 2015.
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We love to hear about charities or local projects that you feel passionate about, so please give us a shout if there’s anything we can help with.
We recently helped to set up a social enterprise café in Portsmouth that supports the local community with soup kitchens for the homeless, apprenticeship schemes and free evening cooking workshops for single parents. It’s also open Christmas Day serving free Christmas dinners.
Other charities we support:
Action Aid, Water Aid & Green Peace

Opening hours!

We are now open:
Mon – Sun 8am – 4pm* (*kitchen closes at 3pm)


We ensure all our food comes from the highest quality suppliers, and prioritise those who can help us meet the following objectives:

Celebrate Local & Seasonal
We use local & seasonal produce as much as possible in an effort to support British businesses
and reduce the environmental impacts of transport.

Serve More Veg & Better Meat
Prioritising plant-based dishes over meat helps to reduce the environmental impact of the food we eat, which is why we have so many veggie options on our menu for you to choose from. We hope you will agree they are just as delicious as their meat alternatives. Where meat and dairy products are used in our dishes, they are sourced from suppliers with high welfare standards.

Support Global Farmers
It is not always possible to source food locally grown in Britain, for example the coffee beans that make our coffee. In these cases, we make sure to source ethically traded produce so that farmers in developing countries have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness.


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